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Following in his father’s footsteps as a real estate developer and business mogul, the 70-year-old Trump has served as Chairman of the Trump Organization since 1971 while also dabbling in the entertainment realm as the longtime host of The Apprentice from 2004 to 2015. Along the way, he’s built his professional brand with business interests around the world that have contributed to his $4.5 billion net worth, which he’s used to purchase some of the most gorgeous properties for himself. So, if Trump moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in January 2017, what properties will he leave behind? From his New York City penthouse to his winery, New England estate and beachfront mansions, let’s take a look at the properties that Donald Trump affectionately calls “home.” Plus, we’ll even give you a sneak peek into a few other primetime vacation spots as well as the billionaire’s first mansion Are you ready? Let’s get started #50 – Trump Tower Trump-Tower How many people can say they live in a skyscraper with their name on it? Donald Trump certainly has that privilege today after purchasing and demolishing the former Bonwit Teller flagship store in 1979 to create his Manhattan dream. Located in the heart of New York City at 725 Fifth Avenue and now the headquarters of the illustrious Trump Organization as well as his campaign and penthouse, construction on the 58-story Trump Tower began in 1979 and was opened to the public four years later on November 30, 1983 as one of the most recognizable skyscrapers in the Big Apple. Featuring everything from office and retail spaces to penthouse condominiums, Trump Tower is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Manhattan and is known for its long list of famous residents such as Bruce Willis, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andrew Lloyd Webber. With each penthouse climbing in price the higher it sits, it’s no surprise that not even these high profile celebrity condos can top Donald and Melanie’s penthouse suite. Stretching across three levels of the 66th floor, we definitely understand why this is Trump’s favorite investment and home away from home. #49 – Penthouse Living Penthouse-Living With his hopes set on moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after a victory in the 2016 Presidential election, Trump’s exquisite New York City penthouse might be a little harder to leave than he imagined. Worth $100 million and inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the gold and diamond front door opens to a beautiful interior wrapped from floor to ceiling in Trump’s favorite gold and marble décor. The ceiling features Greek mythology paintings throughout the penthouse but the best view is from the oversized windows that feature a breathtaking landscape of Central Park. Did we mention how much Trump likes gold? Nearly everything in the penthouse from the platters and vases to the lamps and even the crown molding is accentuated with 24 karat gold that offers a gorgeous backdrop to some of Trump’s favorite classical art and décor. Without shying away from personal touches like family portraits and crested pillows, the home has a strong Greek influence with Athenian style vases, a bronze statue of Eros and Psyche as well as a painting of Apollo led by Aurora, the goddess of dawn. #48 – Have a Seat Have-a-Seat Despite resembling a monument to the Greek gods and leading many to believe that Trump thinks he is a god himself, the Trump Tower penthouse does have some pretty comforting and more normal features that just might shock you. Striving for symmetry in the room from the chair and couch placement to the gold candy bowls flanking the candelabras, the spacious living room offers gorgeous views of the city as well as the opportunity to do some light reading with copies of Vogue Living and the Vanity Fair Oscar Night Photography Book on the coffeetables. The penthouse’s symmetry and elegance is the work of famed designer Angelo Donghia who had a long list of high profile clients like Ralph Lauren, Mary Tyler Moore, Liza Minelli, Diana Ross and many more before his death in 1985. Inspired to create an attractive space fit for a king, Donghia did exactly that by keeping “The Sun King” Louis XIV—the King of France from 1643 to 1715—in mind when he picked out the furniture, fabrics and other décor for Trump’s home. Hopefully, Trump doesn’t take the inspiration too literal as Louis was known for engaging in many wars. #47 – Closer Look Closer-Look Taking a closer look at one side of the living room, you can see that Donghia’s interior design for Trump’s penthouse is truly all about the details. This section of the room boasts a stunning marble fountain behind the ivory couch with the same crystal chandeliers, Greek-inspired marble columns, detailed flooring and gold trim that fill the rest of the room. Located just above the fountain is yet another hint of Greek and Roman influence with the painting of the god Apollo riding his chariot across the heavens. Definitely eliminating any option for a $200 recliner, sectional sofa with cup-holders or a flat screen television in this living room (there are probably other rooms for that), there are only a few signs of Donald and Melania’s less than luxurious side and even those are elegant. Taking a peak at the table near the window on the right, you’ll find a potted plant that hides an oversized telephone as well as a box of tissues that are displayed like artwork for guests to use. Chances are even those are lined with gold #46 – Family Values Family-Values If you expected platinum, 24 karat gold and diamond-lined picture frames filling Trump’s New York City penthouse, you’ll have to guess again. With a marble-topped sofa table dedicated to dozens of family photos, ordinary frames fill the table and feature candid moments between the 70-year-old presidential hopeful and the 45-year-old Melania as well as their nine-year-old son Barron. And, if you look closer, you’ll even see a few photos of Donald’s older children—Donald, Jr., Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany. These aren’t the only family photos in the house, however. Making his foray into real estate by joining his father in business at Elizabeth Trump and Son in the early 1970s, Trump eventually took over and renamed his father’s company but has never forgotten his father’s work in starting the empire that has made him a billionaire today. As a result, Trump’s penthouse is filled with photos of Fred in addition to a family portrait in one of the entryways that features Fred with Donald and his three siblings—Elizabeth, Maryann and Robert. #45 – Golden Child Golden-Child It’s a bouncing baby boy A year after their Florida nuptials on January 22, 2005, Melania Trump gave birth to son Barron William Trump in March 2006 making Donald a proud father of five. As you might’ve guessed, the media went into a full frenzy over Barron’s debut in the world as the youngster had already racked up plenty of swanky gifts before his arrival thanks to his parent’s long list of famous friends. A far cry from being showered with diapers, bottles and onesies, the billionaire heir appeared in People magazine with his most lavish gift—a golden stroller fit for a prince from Ellen DeGeneres. Instantly falling in love with DeGeneres’ gift, Melania told People magazine during Barron’s first photoshoot in 2006, “It’s fun. It makes you laugh.” As for the rest of us, we’re laughing to hide the tears after realizing that Barron’s stroller likely cost more than our first car. What’s even sadder is that Barron, who is now 10 years old, is already living up to the family legacy with an entire floor to himself in the luxurious Trump Tower. Spoiled rotten? We’ll let you decide #44 – Office Space Office-Space With the Trump Tower serving as the headquarters for The Trump Organization, Donald’s office is only an elevator ride away leaving Melania plenty of room to work from the comfort of her corner penthouse home office. Offering a breathtaking view of Manhattan, the glamourous office is a perfect fit for the 46-year-old former Slovenian model with its ivory couch and Louis XIV inspired desk that matches the decor of the rest of the home. The office even features a replica of Renoir’s La loge as well as an oversized mirror that adds to the room’s elegance. So what exactly does Melania do when she isn’t joining Donald on the campaign trail? Aside from raising Barron, Melania spends plenty of time at the office cashing in on her unique sense of style by designing affordable jewelry and watches for QVC as part of her “M” collection. The colored pencils on her desk hint at her design process while some of her pieces are sitting on the couch in a Louis Vuitton case that undoubtedly costs more than all of the jewelry inside combined. #43 – Where the Donald Works Where-the-Donald-Works And, speaking of offices… While you might have expected his office to be decorated from floor to ceiling with marble and gold, Donald’s office at The Trump Organization is far from glamourous and, to be honest, is downright messy. Pictured here sitting in the same chair he used on The Apprentice, Donald’s oversized desk is covered in unfinished work, research, proposals and projects that offer a glimpse into his busy life. As an avid sports fan, you’ll even see sports memorabilia lining the walls with his most valuable items—a New England Patriots helmet signed by Tom Brady and championship belts autographed by Mike Tyson and Vince McMahon—sitting nearby for inspiration. Apart from the sports memorabilia and iconic leather chair, Trump values the view of New York City and Central Park that his office has to offer leaving many to wonder if he’s ready to trade those views for Washington. When asked if the White House is nicer than the penthouse, Trump said, “The White House is very special, so is Trump Tower, but the White House is a very special place.” Maybe the transition won’t be so hard after all. #42 – Good as Gold Good-as-Gold A far cry from grabbing a Pop-Tart on a mad dash out the front door in the morning or perhaps a piece of burnt toast on a paper towel, even the Trump family breakfast is golden. Dining in style with a stunning view of the Big Apple, the Trumps enjoy their decadent breakfast gathered around a gold inlayed table topped with exquisite candelabras and handcrafted seating for up to 14 guests. The room also continues the Palace of Versailles themed décor with a stunning fireplace and an antique clock worth a few grand at least. If you’re still looking for Pop-Tart wrappers, red Solo cups of orange juice or half-empty milk cartons, you might as well give up. The Trumps typically enjoy a healthy breakfast of fruits and toast all served on gold-trimmed plates and platters with orange juice filling gold-rimmed glasses and coffee in delicate mugs. While Barron may sneak a Pop-Tart or two when he’s away from the watchful eye of his mom, it’s safe to say that he’s a lot like his father in that he usually gets what he wants #41 – Family Gathering Family-Gathering Kick back and relax—but don’t put your feet on the table After you’ve cleared your gold-trimmed plate at breakfast, feel free to kick back and relax with the newspaper and another cup of coffee in the Trump’s family room. While we saw the daunting statue of Eros & Psyche earlier on our list, the room manages to have a family feel with a portrait of Fred Trump on the table as well as handstitched throw pillows that bear the Trump coat of arms in gold. Another piece in the family room that you most likely want to ask permission to thumb through is the limited edition of GOAT: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali that set Trump back a whopping $15,000 and is signed by Ali himself. You wouldn’t want to get a peanut butter or jelly stain on any of those pages, now would you? As for the young Barron, if he gets too bored on his own floor, he has plenty of space in the family room to drive his toy Mercedes Benz. What? You didn’t think the little Trump would drive around in a jeep did you? #40 – Afternoon Snack Afternoon-Snack With the penthouse stretching across three floors of the Trump Tower, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the billionaire seemingly has a room for every meal imaginable. Here, you can see Donald and Melania enjoying a snack with Barron who has made his way to the dining room where his toy cars line the edge of the table and provide a happy distraction between bites and allow his parents a moment to talk. Take an even closer look and you’ll see that the young Barron shares his father’s taste in classic cars that are well beyond a normal Tonka truck. Perhaps following more in his mother’s footsteps when it comes to style (thank goodness), Barron’s terrycloth bathrobe from this 2011 photo caused everyone to do a double take in April 2016 when Prince George arrived at the White House in a similar robe to meet President Barack Obama and the First Lady. Did Prince George copy Barron’s style or are terrycloth robes a fashion statement for young royalty? Whatever the case, both George and Barron looked adorable #39 – We Ain’t Lion We-Aint-Lion All I want for my birthday is…a real lion Accustomed to playing with battery-powered Mercedes Benz cars and miniature stretch limos when he’s not too busy running down the gold-emblazoned halls of his own floor in the Trump Tower, chances are that Barron Trump has likely asked time and time again for a pet, maybe even a lion. Staying true to his word and not wanting to disappoint his son, Donald taught Barron an early lesson in compromise when he delivered an oversized plush lion that came with a price tag higher than an Xbox or PlayStation. Although Barron probably doesn’t pay much attention to the décor—after all, he has a lion to ride—those old enough to appreciate it are impressed to learn that the entire penthouse features a rococo design. Typically used in France during the 18th century, the style is embodied in every detail of the Trump’s Manhattan home with curved furniture, ornate details and lots of gold, which “the Donald” obviously loves #38 – Hanging with Mom Hanging-with-Mom Just another day at the office While most of us would easily get bored tagging along with our parents to work, Barron Trump doesn’t mind it so much since his mom often works from home. Seen here in her corner office overlooking Manhattan, Melania is busy sketching new jewelry designs for her QVC line while Barron entertains himself on the floor with his battery-powered car and toy plane. And, when he gets tired of those toys, all he has to do is run down the hall to find another As for Melania’s workplace, expensive art lines the Louis XIV inspired desk that includes a mirror and a jar of colored pencils as well as an expensive statue and an antique lamp. The 46-year-old former model has also added more personal decorations to her desk including her favorite flower—yellow roses. Averaging around $30 for a small bouquet, it just might be the cheapest decoration in the entire house come to think of it #37 – Still Hungry? Still-Hungry Although Barron has his own floor, the 10-year-old is allowed to play in any part of the penthouse he wants, including the dining room where we saw him earlier on the list eating breakfast and playing with his toy cars. And, if you’ve noticed, there’s a theme with most of Barron’s toys as they all have to do with transportation—aside from the lion of course With a personalized license plate adorning his Mercedes Benz, Barron obviously has a keen eye for helicopters, planes and luxury sports cars As you can imagine, Donald and Melania didn’t rush out to the local hardware store when Barron started walking in order to childproof the cabinets or add bumper pads to the walls. Instead, Barron learned how to behave appropriately from an early age and has never messed with the expensive gold, marble or crystal pieces that fill the house. While we’re certain he’s spilled Kool Aid on the couch and drawn on the walls at some point or another, Donald can definitely afford to repaint, reupholster a piece of furniture or replace it altogether #36 – Sleeping with Class Sleeping-With-Class The French rococo design of pristine details and gold furnishings doesn’t stop in the living room or the dining room as Donald and Melania’s master bedroom is lined with hand-painted ceilings and a luxurious chandelier that hangs over a stunning gold bed. Keeping his lips sealed on the details of the bed itself in terms of price and designer, Donald wasn’t shy about confirming that the gold on the headboard and the bench is real. As if we even had to ask Adding to the elegance of the suite, Donald and Melania also have plenty of mirrors to look at themselves as well as an abundance of curtains that add a hint of texture to the already plush décor. Melania also has a walk-in closet attached to the luxurious suite where her wedding dress hangs as well as hundreds of pairs of shoes and outfits for every occasion from the campaign trail to red carpet appearances or strolls with Barron in Central Park. #35 – Fine Ceiling Just in case you aren’t already impressed by Donald Trump’s lavish Manhattan abode, here’s a quick glance to show you how high the ceilings actually are in this elite penthouse. As seen here in the dining room, the Trumps have more than enough headroom with most of the house featuring 12-foot-high ceilings and the dining room topping out at 17 feet from floor to ceiling. Why is it so much higher? The Trumps had no other choice but to add five extra feet to maximize the space and make room for their custom chandelier With the chandelier reflecting off the gorgeous marble fireplace in the dining room, the Trumps’ dinner parties are an event to behold as guests always leave with more than just praise for a delicious meal and delightful company. And, speaking of a delicious meal…we wouldn’t be surprised if the Trumps don’t have a five-star restaurant tucked away somewhere on one of their three floors Who has time to cook when you’re chasing a kid, running your own company and hitting the campaign trail? #34 – Golfing and Growing Golfing-and-Growing Since making his public debut in Melania’s arms as she pushed the iconic golden stroller for People magazine, Barron has done a lot of growing up and has taken up yet another of his father’s traits—a love of golf. Aside from the nursery included in his private suite on the 66th floor, Barron has a full-sized kitchen and living room as well as a private suite for his nanny. From the picture, it looks like he also has more than enough space for a quick game of putt-putt in the foyer. Ready to hit the greens with his dear old dad, Donald calls his son a “natural athlete” who enjoys playing sports like baseball in addition to taking golf and tennis lessons. When he’s not too busy playing with his toy helicopters, Magna Tiles and Legos, Barron can be found on the golf cart with his dad where he learns more than just how to improve his golf swing as the 70-year-old Donald undoubtedly imparts some life lessons and wisdom as well. #33 – Like Father Like Son Like-Father-Like-Son Getting the best of the gene pool and resembling both his parents (without Donald’s crazy hair, thank goodness), Barron is starting to act and dress like Donald more and more. Moisturizing with his mom’s signature Caviar Complex C6 each night, Barron prefers the finer things in life such as suits and ties over sweatpants, t-shirts and jeans. Although he nixed his mom’s suggestion of an airplane themed room in favor of white linens, he does allow her to frame his artwork and hang it throughout his floor. With his next youngest sibling—Tiffany—already in her 20s, Barron’s nieces and nephews are closer to him in age but he still prefers playing alone or spending time with his parents. Inheriting his father’s keen eye for detail as well as his love of building things, Melania describes the “Little Donald” as a strong-minded boy who is “independent and opinionated and knows exactly what he wants.” If that doesn’t convince you he’s a Trump, he was only a toddler when he told the butler “Sit down We need to talk” #32 – Welcome to Paradise Welcome-to-Paradise You would act like a millionaire too at 10 years old if penthouse living was all you’ve ever known. While many criticize the Trump’s lavish penthouse for its lack of heart and not being entirely child friendly with plates of homemade cookies, refrigerator art and Legos scattering the floor, Barron is doing exceptionally well as his mom ensures she’s available to take him to and from school in addition to clearing her afternoons to help with homework and encourage his growing love for math and science. But what about his dad? Spending as much quality time with Barron as possible when he’s not running The Trump Organization or hitting the campaign trail, Trump loves the convenience and beauty his Manhattan penthouse has to offer for his busy lifestyle. And, although he once told Playboy magazine that he “could be happy living in a studio apartment,” we can’t help but think Donald would have a tough time giving up the short elevator ride to see his family at lunch in exchange for a stuffy apartment worth far less than $100 million. #31 – Heading South Heading-South Leaving the hustle and bustle of Manhattan for the laid back beach lifestyle of sunny Florida, Trump’s second home away from home is the Mar-a-Lago estate located in Palm Beach, Florida. Originally built for Marjorie Merriweather Post in 1927 and later declared a National Historic Landmark in 1980 after Post left it to the government as a vacation resort for presidents and dignitaries to escape the frigid Washington, D.C. winters, little did Post know that it would fall into Trump’s hands in 1985 when he purchased the 17-acre estate for $10 million. Stretching across 110,000 square feet with 126 rooms including 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms and 12 fireplaces as well as dozens of amenities, Trump immediately set out to renovate the estate to his liking in 1985. Continuing to make improvements over the years such as adding a 20,000 square-foot ballroom, Mar-a-Lago has become a landmark of architecture and an icon of Florida charm that, interestingly enough, even attracted the King of Pop himself in 1994 after tying the knot with Lisa Marie Presley and jetting off to Mar-a-Lago for their honeymoon escape. #30 – Weekend Getaway Weekend-Getaway Although Trump is dividing his time these days between running The Trump Organization in New York City and traveling the country on the 2016 Presidential campaign trail, he often refers to Mar-a-Lago as his southern “home away from home.” Saying that he has spent many weekends and holidays at the Palm Beach estate with his family, this photo shows Donald and Melania outside of their private suite that offers the couple a private entrance and exclusive access to Mar-a-Lago whenever they want, 365 days a year. While the club itself offers private beach access, a pool and spa as well as fine dining and entertainment to its members along with sunny weather, coastal views and warm Florida temperatures, one of the most appealing things about Mar-a-Lago for Trump is the ease and convenience to play his favorite sport—golf. Located within a five-minute drive to the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, the billionaire has quick access to the course while his family relaxes at the pool #29 – Flight Path Flight-Path Far from being all sunshine and rainbows for Trump in the Sunshine State, Mar-a-Lago was at the center of widespread controversy in 2015 when Trump sued Palm Beach County for excessive air traffic over the club. Seen here with his family the week of both the lawsuit and the Trump Invitational Grand Prix golf tournament, Trump told the media that air traffic controllers were flying over his Palm Beach estate out of spite and that he was hoping to reduce the noise and pollutants around the home with his third lawsuit since 1995. Enraged by the excessive traffic, Trump told reporters, “I am saving one of the great houses of this country and one of its greatest landmarks, and it’s being badly damaged by the airplanes.” As of November 2015, a Florida judge ruled against four of Trump’s six claims giving the billionaire even more fuel to add to the fire of his $100 million lawsuit with the hopes of preserving the antique Spanish tiles from shaking and cracking around the 126-room oceanfront property. #28 – Keeping Appearances Keeping-Appearances Filing the first lawsuit against Palm Beach County a decade after purchasing Mar-a-Lago in 1995 when air traffic from the Palm Beach International Airport caused damage to the stone construction, floors and columns, the judge ruled in Trump’s favor in 1996. As the county collaborated with the Federal Aviation Administration to adjust the flight patterns, Trump’s private Florida home returned to the charming quiet getaway he first fell in love with and purchased in 1985. After settling the lengthy court battle with the county, Trump opened Mar-a-Lago as a private club after a decade of renovations that transformed the 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms, 12 fire places, and 20,000 square-foot ballroom into what it is today. Using the club for family gatherings and weddings as well as a weekend escape, Trump gushes over the home saying, “There’s no place in the world like it, it’s one of the greatest places in the world and I have to protect it.” #27 – Taking a Dip Taking-a-Dip Offering everything from pools and tennis courts to a salon, spa and fitness club as well as private beach access, Mar-a-Lago members enjoy their own private paradise and an escape from the day-to-day. So how much does it cost to join? While Trump says that the club is “totally open to everybody,” he actually meant that it’s open to anyone willing to shell out the non-refundable $100,000 to start the application process. Then, if you’re accepted into the club, annual membership is $14,000 with another $2,000 required to pay for meals. What does that type of investment get you? Members have access to a stunning outdoor pool right on the beach that includes a whirlpool and private beach access as well as a full-service bistro. Members who aren’t ready to take a dip can enjoy a quick tennis match on one of the five championship courts, a game of bridge or croquet, or even an afternoon at the spa or salon where they’re treated like kings and queens. After all, if you can afford Mar-a-Lago you just might wear a crown #26 – Spa Day Spa-Day Did someone say spa day? Trump has every reason to brag about Mar-a-Lago after becoming the only private club in the world to earn a prestigious 6-Star Diamond Award from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences in 2008. To celebrate the accomplishment and to relax after a long day, the Trumps just might take a stroll throughout the vibrant gardens before heading to the spa for a couple’s massage. Afterward, Melania can get her hair styled while enjoying a manicure and pedicure at the luxurious salon next door. Pampering isn’t the only thing the Trumps and other Mar-a-Lago members can enjoy at the world-renowned club. Fitness freaks instantly fall in love with five championship-ranked tennis courts as well as state-of-the-art fitness equipment and highly skilled personal trainers. With literally something for everyone of all ages and interests, the club also offers regularly scheduled bridge games as well as professional croquet games led by the top ranked player in the United States, John C. Osborn. #25 – Sleep Away Sleep-Away Having already seen the iconic French architectural style of Trump’s $100 million New York City penthouse in the Trump Tower, the same type of décor has been recreated at Mar-a-Lago where Trump and club members enjoy a variety of elegance. Moving beyond the French style and including everything from Dutch and Spanish to Portuguese influences, a dozen different designs fill the historic bedrooms of the resort with names like the Fountain Room, the Pool Cottage, Seven Windows and the Spanish Room that also offer modern amenities such as marble bathrooms, Jacuzzi tubs and walk-in showers. Chances are, if you’re traveling to Mar-a-Lago alone, you’ll likely stay in the main part of the house in the Fountain Room. For larger groups, the three Pool Cottages as well as the Sunshine Room are more than ideal and offer large walk-in closets, private terraces and stunning views of the courtyard. Of course, the only place that’s off limits is the Trump family’s private quarters, which includes a private entrance that keeps them out of the spotlight when they’re trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of their billionaire lifestyle. #24 – In the Club In-the-Club Are you looking for the perfect photo op? There are plenty of opportunities to take stunning photos on any part of Mar-a-Lago’s 20 acres that stretch across Palm Beach County. Trump ensures that the lawns and gardens are maintained year-round by hiring full-time crews who meticulously trim the lawns, weed the gardens and prune the shrubs each day. To add to the appeal, Trump has even made it possible for Mar-a-Lago members to enjoy their meals on the lawns or in the garden for an extra level of peace and tranquility. Having received their first Five Star Diamond Award in 1998 only three years after opening to the public, Trump raised the bar and set his sights on the Six Star Award which, as we already saw, he earned in 2008. The neighboring Trump International Golf Club has also earned high praise after being named one of the best courses in the United States as well as one of the top 50 private golf courses in the country. #23 – Dining with the Elite Dining-with-the-Elite You taste buds are calling Regardless of your mood or craving, Mar-a-Lago can meet all of your dining needs to the delight of your taste buds. Offering Continental, Classical, Caribbean and New World cuisine for three meals each day of the week in addition to Sunday brunch, Mar-a-Lago members can choose to dine in the ornate dining room, the neighboring teahouse or on the al fresco patio. In fact, the food is so incredible that members often plan their trips around special dining events they don’t want to miss. Among some of the most popular events at Mar-a-Lago are themed dinners where chefs serve regional cuisine as guests enjoy live entertainment and coordinating décor. There’s also a weekly seafood buffet on the patio where guests feast on the finest lobsters, fish and shrimp as a saxophonist serenades them under the stars. And, last but certainly not least, Mar-a-Lago hosts informal fashion show luncheons where champagne flows freely as men and women gather to see the latest trends from famous Worth Avenue designers. #22 – Meet Virginia Meet-Virginia When he’s not busy teeing off on the Palm Beach greens, you can find Donald Trump kicking back at his Charlottesville, Virginia estate. Established in the 1980s by media billionaire John Kluge and his wife Patricia, Kluge spent millions on transforming the estate into a famous winery but ran out of capital before seeing her dream come true. With no other choice but to list the property after her divorce, Kluge listed it $100 million but eventually lost the house to foreclosure when her family friend, Donald Trump, purchased it in 2011 for $6.7 million. Having already purchased the vineyard, winery and surrounding property in the previous months, the purchase of the 23,000 square-foot mansion nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains was the next logical step in Trump’s real estate venture. Completely remodeling and renaming the property with his son Eric, the Albemarle Estate is now a prestigious winery and world-class bed and breakfast that boasts a helicopter landing pad, a private chapel and luscious gardens for visitors from around the world to enjoy. #21 – Bed and Breakfast Bed-and-Breakfast Although it’s not clear how often Donald and Melania stay at the Albemarle Estate, his son Eric spends quite a bit of time there after taking the lead in the 2011 purchase and renovation of the former Kluge Estate. Regardless, Albemarle is one of Trump’s favorite locations with its 45-room Georgian style mansion that he says “epitomizes high-style country living in the tradition of the English country manor.” Apart from the 45 luxurious rooms, visitors find hand-carved 20-foot high ceilings with hand-painted wallpaper and crystal chandeliers that illuminate what many call “one of America’s true treasures.” A remarkable piece of history filled with 150+ year old English oak furniture and brass fixtures, one of the most notable rooms at Albemarle is the dining room where gold trim and ornate crystal are part of every meal. While the rates are far from average running at a minimum of $500 per night, Trump takes great pride in his estate and says the Albemarle experience is top of the line thanks to an outstanding staff, award-winning wines, manicured gardens and dozens of amenities like a private movie theater and spa that put other bed-and-breakfast venues to shame. #20 – Wide Open Spaces Wide-Open-Spaces Growing up in the Big Apple, you wouldn’t quite think that Donald Trump would be a fan of country living and wide open spaces but that’s exactly what attracted him to the Albemarle Estate. Much to Trump’s delight, that’s also what his visitors enjoy as one guest described the estate as having “fabulously groomed ornamental gardens with tucked away sculptures, fountains, blooming dogwoods, cherry and apple trees.” The only things the guest left out are Albemarle’s calming ponds and the luscious trees that surround the property and add to its tranquility. For those looking for a little more excitement than perhaps rural Virginia seems to offer, know that Trump has you covered. Apart from the award-winning Trump Winery, spa, sauna and hot tub, pool, private movie theater and games like croquet, bocce ball and billiards, the 26,000 square-foot mansion boasts 45 private suites with flat screen televisions, goose down comforters, marble bathrooms and stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains with world-class room service a phone call away. What more could you need? #19 – Heck of a Deal Heck-of-a-Deal Many people have said that Albemarle Estate is the same to the bed and breakfast industry as Donald Trump is to politicians in the fact that both grab more attention than all of the others. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Not just your run-of-the-mill destination getaway and winery, Albemarle resides on one of the most expensive pieces of property in the historic state of Virginia with oversized guestrooms, complimentary breakfast and wine tastings, laundry services, private film screenings and a private chapel With plenty of room to roam around the gardens or walk through the vineyards, the Albemarle Estate pulls out all the stops when it comes to elegance. Moving beyond the front gate and through the front door, first impressions of the bed and breakfast leave visitors in amazement with floor to ceiling columns, polished hardwood floors and gold trim that is seen everywhere from the crown molding, dinnerware and furniture to the trash cans themselves. #18 – Climb to the Top Climb-to-the-Top With his eyes on the estate for quite some time, Trump jumped at the chance to purchase the 217 acres surrounding the mansion as well as the vineyard in 2011 before closing on the house itself a year later. Even Trump’s son Eric, who was at the forefront of the deal, said, “If you look at us as a company, what’s the one thing that’s consistent? It has to be the biggest, the best, the greatest.” He went on to say that the purchase was just his dad doing something he loves by buying “some of the best mansions in the world.” That fact has been crystal clear since 2011 after Albemarle rose to the top of the list as one of the finest mansions in the United States fit for a king (especially when Virginia was a colony). But, what was Albemarle’s biggest selling point for Trump? It wasn’t the gold lining the staircases or the trashcans, the gardens or even the mansion itself…it was the wine To put it simply, Eric said the decision to purchase was easy because “wine is incredibly sexy.” We couldn’t agree more #17 – Old Class, New Mansion Old-Class-New-Mansion Resembling something straight from a history book, it’s hard to believe that the Albemarle Estate was actually built in 1985 when media mogul John Kluge and his third wife, Patricia, built the home on 22 acres just outside of Charlottesville. Keeping her love of gold at the forefront of the design, Patricia oversaw everything from the brass doorknobs to the handmade drapes to ensure the estate was perfect. What wasn’t perfect, however, was her marriage as Patricia was served with divorce papers in 1990 and settled for $100 million plus her prized Albemarle House. Adding on nearly 1,000 acres after marrying her third husband, Patricia established the Kluge Estate Winery & Vineyard in 1999 and was met with early success until a separate real estate investment backfired during the recession. With no other choice but to sell, Patricia listed the estate for $100 million in 2009 before slashing the price to $48 million to pay her $23 million debt to Bank of America. Years later and without any buyers, the former billionaire was Trumped when her family friend purchased the house from the bank for $6.7 million. #16 – Secret Garden Secret-Garden Having already spent $500,000 on the surrounding 217 acres thanks to quiet dealings with Patricia’s son, Trump had the upper hand and already owned the front yard, backyard, driveway and luxurious garden seen in the photo before he ever took ownership of the home itself. Putting himself in the best position to set his own price, Trump showed off the “art of the deal” when he stuck “No trespassing” signs on the property and refused to mow the lawn to detract potential buyers in order to gain an ever greater upper hand. As the bank auctioned off Patricia’s possessions, Trump signed on the dotted line making Albemarle Estate the latest purchase by Trump Virginia Acquisitions LLC. Putting his son Eric in charge of renovations, Trump gained the upper hand once again in 2015 when local bylaws changed and allowed him to open the property as a bed and breakfast, bringing in tourists from around the globe and boosting the local economy much to the delight of his neighbors #15 – Greenwich Village Greenwich-Village From the Trump Tower to Mar-a-Lago and Albemarle, it’s time to travel back in time to one of Donald’s first homes—the Haroldyn House of Greenwich, Connecticut. Located on a private peninsula in Long Island Sound and stretching across 5.8 acres, Trump purchased the 20,000 square-foot home in 1982 shortly after he and Ivana welcomed their second child, Ivanka. Offering 45 rooms, a three-story rotunda, beautiful staircases, an indoor pool and a bowling alley, the Trumps lived in the home in the late 1980s while Ivana redecorated the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Eventually divorcing in 1991, Trump gave the $14 million Greenwich estate to Ivana who spent the next few years redecorating the home in her signature gold-leaf gaudy style before putting it up for sale. Having since been redecorated in a more modern and classic style by its latest owners, Trump’s first mansion is back on the market once again with new additions including a tennis court, three staff apartments and a 4,000 square-foot guest suite all for the price of $50 million. #14 – Start it Up Start-it-Up The idea of a starter home obviously has a different meaning when you’re a billionaire in the making, but that’s exactly the way Donald Trump thought of the Haroldyn House. Built in 1939 for $200,000 and taking up nearly six acres on 21 Vista Drive, the home offered Donald and Ivana exquisite views of the Long Island Sound from the sunroom to their back porch and well beyond the pool to the tennis courts and putting green. A perfect summer retreat from their busy lives in the city, the Haroldyn House was also the Trump family’s favorite destination in the fall thanks to the stunning foliage that made the estate even more picture perfect. But what did the Trumps do for fun while they were there? Far from a shortage of things to do both inside and out, you’ll see exactly what we mean next on our list with a sneak peek at this Greenwich estate’s meaning of luxury #13 – Man for All Seasons Man-for-All-Seasons Take a dive If you’re someone who enjoys swimming year-round but hate having to share a pool at the gym, you’re sure to love the Haroldyn House. With Donald and Ivana divorcing in 1991, Ivana kept the estate as well as an apartment in Trump Plaza before ultimately deciding to sell the property in 1998 for $15 million. Two years later, the new owners had completely renovated Ivana’s gold-leaf décor and added a tennis court, a 4,000 square-foot addition including the lap pool and sauna seen here. Living up to Donald’s influence of “go big or go home,” the new owners installed a state-of-the-art pool where even Michael Phelps would be comfortable training. They also added another feature to combat the frigid winters by adding a sunroom with plenty of thick glass to insulate the room from the harsh temperatures while offering wide views of the landscaped gardens. What better way to watch the Long Island Sound freeze than from a heated pool with fresh towels waiting and an umbrella drink Bottoms up #12 – Greenwich Baths Greenwich-Baths Often considered Trump’s gaudiest mansion (and for good reason), the Haroldyn House bathroom might not be what you would normally expect from a Trump estate but, it was a starter home after all Rather than his iconic gold fixtures, oversized Jacuzzis, marble countertops and heated floors, you’ll find that this bathroom features simple tile and mirrors making it seem more like a rich friend’s lake house instead of a billionaire’s first abode. Still more extravagant than what most of us are accustomed to, the Greenwich baths are only a small blip on the radar especially with a putting green and tennis court right outside. And, speaking of water, did you see the private dock where Trump could store his jet skis and pontoon? While we’re certain Donald wasn’t a yacht owner at that point in his life, maybe his first mansion is exactly what fueled his love of boating #11 – Private Screening Private-Screening When you’re tired of swimming, golfing, boating or playing tennis, you can always sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy a movie in the Haroldyn House private theater. One of the most impressive rooms in the entire mansion, the theater has more than enough room for over a dozen of your closest family and friends offering theater-style seating and an overhead projector that plays the latest movies long before they’re released on DVD or Netflix. With Trump likely purchasing the $35,000 box to screen films the same day they’re released in theaters, it’s no surprise why the billionaire spent a pretty penny on ensuring this room was comfortable and outfitted with top dollar equipment. Of course, everything comes at a price. In addition to the $35,000 box, each screening costs $500, which is a high price to pay for privacy and comfort when a movie theater ticket is usually around $12.50. Then again, what’s $500 when you’re worth $4.5 billion? #10 – Toned Down Toned-Down Perhaps “subdued” isn’t quite the best word to use when describing anything that Donald Trump has his hands in, his Greenwich estate is certainly more toned down than what we’re accustomed to seeing. Decorated with gold leaves and floral wallpaper lining the walls of most living areas and the eight bedrooms, the new owners obviously had a few improvements to make when Ivana left her mark after nearly a decade in the home. Paying mere peanuts in 1982 compared to his other properties around the country, Trump forked over $4 million for the Haroldyn House just as he and Ivana began remodeling the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Making a huge profit on the $15 million sale in 1998, Trump’s first mansion was valued at $24.4 million in 2015 with recent improvements to include muted colors, minimal wallpaper and plenty of natural light to attract potential buyers to the whopping $54 million asking price. With no one taking the bait, the price has since dropped to $45 million. What a steal #9 – Simpler Days Simpler-Days Looking much younger pictured here in the foyer of his first mansion, Donald Trump was still married to Ivana at the time who divorced her first husband and settled in New York where she met Donald while promoting the Montreal Olympics. Obviously attracted to powerful and wealthy real estate moguls, Ivana fell in love and married Donald in a lavish wedding in April 1977 before welcoming their first son, Donald Jr., in December followed by Ivanka in October 1981 and Eric in January 1984. With rumors circulating that Donald was having an affair with former beauty queen Marla Maples, Ivana filed for divorce in 1991 with the intent to fight Donald for even more of his fortune than what was listed in her prenuptial agreement. Despite the highly publicized battle, the Trump settlement remains sealed with rumors that Ivana received $20 million in addition the Haroldyn House, an apartment in New York City as well as one month at Mar-a-Lago each year. Whatever the case, the two obviously buried the hatchet as Donald hosted Ivana’s fourth wedding at, you guessed it, Mar-a-Lago in 2008. #8 – Seven Springs Seven-Springs Yet another of Donald Trump’s first mansions, Donald purchased this 230-acre property stretching across three Westchester, Massachusetts towns for $7.5 million in 1996 only a few years after his divorce. Known as Seven Springs, Trump envisioned transforming the property into a world-class 18-hole golf course but residents from the surrounding towns quickly dismissed the plans due to excessive traffic and pollution of the neighboring lake. Ultimately, Trump did the unthinkable and gave up on his dreams for the property. In the midst of the decade-long battle, Trump spent summers and weekends at Seven Springs with his children where he taught Eric and Don Jr. about construction, landscaping and remodeling. According to Eric, he and his brother lived in one of the little carriage houses—known as the Meyer home—on the property and were “literally riding mowers around…mowing all the fields, cutting down fallen trees, cutting rebar and laying marble and doing electrical and demo work” in what became their home base during their teenage years. #7 – Quiet Riot Quiet-Riot Since the original plans for Seven Springs fell through, Trump has developed new plans for the property to include subdividing it to build up to 14 homes. In 2015, Trump’s plans were finally approved but he hasn’t started construction just yet as the family’s emotional attachment to the 50,000 square-foot mansion is a deciding factor on just how much the Trumps are willing to share of their summer and weekend home where they spent precious time with their dad. Beyond offering fond memories of their childhood as well as the building blocks of the family business, the Seven Springs estate is one of the most understated beauties of Trump’s entire real estate portfolio. With gorgeous views of rural Massachusetts, Seven Springs has over 60 stunning rooms including 15 bedrooms and two servant quarters as well as three swimming pools and expansive lawns where many evenings saw the Trump children catching fireflies or playing a quick game of touch football after a long day of work with their dad. #6 – Up in the Hills Up-in-the-Hills Shifting our focus from the east coast where Donald Trump spends the majority of his time brings us to the Golden State where the billionaire has a mansion just in case Southern California calls his name. Located on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Trump’s California home isn’t talked about as much as his eastern homes since he spends the majority of his time between Bedford, New York and Palm Beach, but we’re here to change that. Why? Because when you see it, you’ll be floored Presumably purchased in 2008 as a home away from home when talk shows and red carpet events required the billionaire’s attendance, the 10,000 square-foot Beverly Hills colonial didn’t live up to the extravagant amenities, pampering staff and limo drivers that local hotels had to offer. Not even a neighborhood of famous celebrities could persuade Trump to settle down and stay a while as he’s either rented it or put it back on the market ever since his purchase. #5 – Basic Beverly Basic-Beverly Despite being listed at $12 million with six bedrooms and just as many bathrooms, Trump’s Rodeo Drive mansion is nothing special compared to some of the surrounding homes as it looks like your typical Beverly Hills abode with columns making up the front of the house. Featuring a swimming pool and spa as well as a basketball and tennis court for those sunny California days, the interior also offers an art studio, family room and built-in bar with a media room, office and an elevator. While photos of the home’s interior are hard to come by, real estate agents working the sale say the home is an “excellent development opportunity” which leads us to believe it needs more than just a little tender, love and care. Wasting no time putting it back on the market, the master of real estate flipping may not be willing to admit his epic flop but the proof is in the “For Sale” sign out front #4 – Parc Avenue Parc-Avenue Originally known in the 1930s as the Barbizon Plaza Hotel, Donald Trump was well on his way to becoming the king of real estate in New York City when he purchased the 38-story hotel overlooking Central Park. Renaming the shimmering skyscraper Trump Parc and securing a few residences for himself to ensure he always has a place to crash in the city, he went on to purchase the 35-story Hotel Delmonico in 2002. Originally built in 1929, Trump rebranded the hotel as Trump Park Avenue. Unable to purchase all of the units due to people already living in them, Trump owned the Park Avenue building and transformed the unoccupied units into 120 exclusive condos, apartments and penthouses. By the time he was done with the renovations, he was renting the units for up to six figures each month with his last major sale coming in 2015 when he sold his own condo for $21 million. Today, only one Trump remains in residence and that’s his beautiful 34-year-old daughter, Ivanka. #3 – Back to Florida Back-to-Florida Heading back to Florida for the final Trump property on our list takes us to yet another Palm Beach estate known as Maison de L’Amitie. A sprawling waterfront estate on the Atlantic Ocean, Trump purchased the 60,000 square-foot property in 2004 for $41 million and said that he immediately “put in $3 million worth of paint and gave it a good cleaning.” Adding gold to nearly everything from the driveway to the pool itself, Trump was swept away by the 80-car garage, bulletproof windows, 18 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms, and three guest cottages that screamed luxury with marble and granite finishes. Despite his love of the beachfront property, Trump had bigger plans for his second Palm Beach estate and sold it to Russia’s Dmitri Rybolovlev in 2008 for $95 million. Turning a $60 million profit and proving he’s an expert at “the art of the deal,” Trump obviously got the last laugh as Rybolovlev told reporters in 2013 that he had plans to level the property after forking over hundreds of thousands in mold prevention to maintain the estate. #2 – Strike a Pose Strike-a-Pose Obviously never planning to move into Maison de L’Amitie and seeing it as yet another real estate investment with an opportunity to make a huge profit (surprise, surprise—he was right), the home was originally owned by Abe Gosman who filed for bankruptcy and put the estate up for auction. When Trump made his bid of $37 million, he envisioned the Palm Beach estate as a “super high end development project” and even told reporters, “I won’t be living there, because I already live in the best house in America…Mar-a-Lago.” Eventually coming out victorious at the auction, Trump said, “I’m the largest developer in New York, so this is a very big deal for me. But, I like Mar-a-Lago…it will be fun and it will create terrific value.” Doing exactly that, the waterfront estate earned Trump a huge profit and yet another notch on his belt buckle as one of the best real estate moguls in the world, but not according to fellow developer Mark Pulte. #1 – Hallowed Halls Hallowed-Halls Claiming that there wasn’t another home in the world like it, real estate developer Mark Pulte was ready to go the distance in order to beat Trump’s bid. Pulte’s plan was to “resell it to Donald Trump to use as Mar-a-Lago Two, to tear it down and make two lots or see what I could do with the existing house.” Always getting what he wants at whatever the cost, Trump couldn’t stop talking about Mar-a-Lago and won the auction by outbidding Pulte and adding to his family of Palm Beach properties. Raving about his victory and how it would make him even wealthier, Trump said, “It’s potentially so great. The existing house is a terrific structure, and I’ll bring it to a level that few people have ever seen. Then, I’ll resell the house.” Doing exactly that and reselling it for $95 million to Russian fertilizer king Dmitri Rybolovlev after two years of renovations, the house’s future wasn’t as happy after the home was marked to be demolished in March 2016. What did Trump have to say? “I don’t care what the Russian does with the house” And that’s that You Might Also Like He Earns More Money Than Hes Able To Spend In Sri Lanka He Earns More Money Than Hes Able To Spend In Sri Lanka Millionaires Prefer To Keep This Video A Secret Millionaires Prefer To Keep This Video A Secret 22-Year-Old Girl Makes Millions. You Wont Believe How 22-Year-Old Girl Makes Millions. 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