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Recently speaking from her holiday home in Mexico, Kellaway (now Bidwill) recalls, I felt the timing was right for women to be fronting Australian TV not just doing all the hard work in the back room. I got the job, even though Id never done live TV and was terrified. I had no idea how to prepare for a daily show of 2 hours live TV. Wed just turn up at 4am at the studio and sit and read the newspapers. I was abysmally underprepared, I was talking about Aussie people and events with no knowledge or background. I had the feeling I was just an adjunct to Gordon as it became clear they considered him their big talent. Sue was smart, attractive and not just there for decoration. What was weird was that Gordon was 23 and I was 40. Gordon gave me a hard time on air but I dealt with it but he was terrifyingly self confident. He had the advantage of local knowledge, so he could ad lib when needed. I was a lot more comfortable with international stories. But what we really lacked in those early days was good research.

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