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As well as no fireworks, there was almost no Adele for her first stadium show. The star, who has struggled with nerves in the past, admitted she tried to do a runner from Perth’s Domain Stadium just hours before she was due on stage. She said: “I’m doing as many shows as I can with the availability. I’m even doing stadiums. Do you know, one time I said I wouldn’t even play arenas? “I said I’d only ever play theatres. To be honest, about three hours ago I nearly tried to run away, so I don’t know how I managed to stay in the venue, to stay on the stage.” Adele has ten more dates to go on her tour of Australia and New Zealand before she takes on the biggest shows of her career yet — four huge nights at London’s Wembley Stadium. She freaked out when a cockroach scuttled past her mid-song on Perth, screaming: “There’s a f***ing cockroach on the stage. There’s a f***ing fly in my tea and all.” Those famous Adele F-bombs are clearly staying put for now. Adele tours Australia until March 19, with shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne to come.

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