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NATIONAL | AUGUST 17, 2016 ISSUE Are Tourists Free to Wade at a Memorial? Visitors wade in the Rainbow Pool at the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. Some people feel wading there shows a lack of respect. (THE WASHINGTON POST) Hear the whole story. Or, click on any sentence to hear that sentence. CHANGE TEXT SIZEA A A Play / pause 0:00 0:00 volume Would you wade in Washington D.C.s Rainbow Pool? Lets say it is a very hot day. There is hardly any shade nearby. But there is a cool pool, fed by a fountain. There are other people and kids wading in the pool. On the other hand, that pool is part of the National World War II Memorial. There are signs saying not to wade in the pool. There are visitors who have come to honor those who served, and those who died, in World War II. Is it OK to dip your feet in the pool? No Big Deal Opinions on the matter are mixed. Some visitors to the site find it rude and wrong for people to wade in the fountain. But plenty of tourists see nothing wrong with wading. Eric Echevarria, 31, carried his young child into the pool on a hot summer day. He ignored the signs that read, Honor Your Veterans. No wading. Coins damage fountain. He said the pool was a place to relax, cool off.

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